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I tailor my approach to meet your needs using a blend of therapeutic approaches.

You'll find me to be highly collaborative, taking an almost coaching approach. I'm empathetic and challenging at the same time.

My goal is to give you tools you can use right away.

Humor is a big part of my life and can play a critical role in therapy. Yes, you may actually find yourself laughing in a session with me.

I became a parent later in life and have a passion for working with first-time parents over 35 that make this crazy, exciting, terrifying, rewarding, (insert personal word of choice here) transition.

Prior to this work, I was a management leader in the software and advertising industries. I hold a B.A. in Accounting, of all things, and use it only when absolutely necessary.

I practice in a style that is affirming of all genders, orientations, and relationship styles.

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With Renee's guidance, we have found a level of joy and closeness in our marriage and partnership that we haven't achieved in years. She laughs and is vulnerable with us in the best way while keeping things professional and making sure we stay on the path to our stated goals. We are so grateful to have found Renee.

Renee has given us a safe and comfortable place to explore what is going on for each of us emotionally and how that affects us as a couple.   She has shown us that the more we are able to see one another for who we are, the more we are able to work together. We love working with Renee because she is able to tackle the toughest issues, as well as offering relatable experience in day-to-day struggles.

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