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I’m a Relational Resolutionary, which is a fancy way of saying I work at the intersection of relationships and business with a dash of revolutionary thinking.

I have 20+ years leading teams and projects in the business world so I know what it means to be part of a community that’s trying to make cool things happen while also trying to figure out how to navigate difficult relationship dynamics.

I advise organizations, leaders, and human resource folks on all things mental health and relationships. I take couples therapy out of the bedroom and into the boardroom.

  • It’s not about doing the assessment; it’s about changing the culture and putting the pedal to the metal
  • Take meaningful action to change the way your people think and act so they change the way they connect and relate to each other and the company
  • Achieve your goals by strengthening an effective and authentic partnership between founders
  • Reduce conflict by improving relationships
  • Improve productivity by improving employee wellbeing
  • Cut down on employee burnout
  • Reduce turnover and hiring expenses that hit your bottom-line

Wellness Solutions · Meaningful Connections · Better Living

Brands Renée has engaged with


“Renee knows her subject matter and handled our questions and requests well, even when they were unexpected and out of left field. It's obvious Renee has a well-rounded, solid business acumen which demonstrates her confidence in leading projects, teams, and building strong relationships with senior management on down. Her personality makes it easy for her to establish rapport and trust immediately."  -Metlife Client

“This event exceeded my expectations. Renee was a fantastic presenter on a fantastic topic. It felt like she was speaking directly to me on many levels. Her honesty about having emotions at work was so real and powerful. This event was truly one of the most valuable and insightful I have yet attended.I wasn't sure of what to expect exactly, but Renee spoke so precisely to what so many of us need to hear. As I was listening, I was so grateful to work for an organization that supports and encourages good mental health.” -USBank Client

client engagements

Client ABC is having challenges responding to their employees needs and demands since reemerging from COVID. Leadership reports they a majority of their staff is burned out and does not have the emotional capacity to respond to their job responsibilities like they did pre-COVID. Overall, they've seen a decreased level of emotional tolerance. We were hired to help them understand the realities of the new workforce landscape and what considerations leadership can take into account to respond to their employees' needs while meeting the demands of their business.


Client XYZ leadership was noticing employees were falling behind on project deliverables and out of the office more than usual. The trend became increasingly concerning and they needed advisement on what might be going on and how to respond. It was discovered that many key employees were experiencing personal challenges. We worked with leadership to develop skills that encouraged employees to share ....

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