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Shouldn’t I be able to handle my problems on my own?

Sometimes we can and sometimes we can’t. At times you may have been able to work through challenges on your own but there are times when more support is needed. People that seek therapy realize they need this support and are motivated to make a change. This is a positive step in making changes that could last a life-time.


What can I expect in therapy?

Therapy is tailored to meet your unique needs. We will discuss your goals for therapy and how the issues are impacting your life. You may be asked to do homework or exercises outside of sessions like read an article, watch a video, or track certain behaviors. Successful therapy can be expected to have ups and downs.  You may be very anxious to make changes at first and move very quickly. This is normal. At other times you progress more slowly, which is also normal.


How long will I be in therapy?

You may feel some relief after few sessions however therapy may take more time to be optimally beneficial.  Processing and working through issues can take time just like how it took time to develop the issue.  Therapy doesn’t have to be long-term to be effective and we’ll work together to determine the best plan for you.


What if my partner/spouse doesn’t want to come to therapy but I do?

You can come in and work on your relationship on your own. This individual time will give you a place to reflect on your feelings, think about what changes you are willing to make to be a better partner and to get an outside perspective.

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