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*According to the Clifton StrengthsFinder, Gallup Organization

renée divine might sound like a make-believe name, but it belongs to the real live person pictured at right:

A grounded and pragmatic—yet irrepressibly optimistic—relationship and sex therapist.

Authentic and caring, Renée is known for her capacity to bring humor and normalization to the exploration of a wide range of personal and relationship issues. Even the most potentially awkward, painful, and isolating issues can be turned into a foundation for a happier future under Renée’s capable guidance. It’s not unusual for couples and individuals to report that after months of struggling, what has seemed like an impossible situation has begun to feel alive with hope.

Renée’s reassuring, no-nonsense approach to the challenges that life can offer creates a safe space for easing anxiety while simultaneously acknowledging the hard work that accompanies any kind of lasting, positive change.

Renée became a parent after turning 40, which fuels one of her biggest passions: Supporting first-time parents over 35 who are experiencing a similarly crazy, exciting, terrifying, yet immensely rewarding transition. Renée and her husband Jim are the proud parents of daughter Ari.

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Renée has been known to say:

“Having children may be bad for your marriage BUT there is plenty you can do to combat it.”

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An avid swimmer—last year she completed the Point to LaPointe open water swim on Lake Superior—Renée can easily articulate the parallels between open water distance swimming and relationships.

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Renée's Top 5 Strengths*


“When can we get started?” Renée is driven by the belief that only action is real, only action can make things happen. Using a tailored blend of therapeutic approaches, she encourages clients to go beyond talking about what needs to change, to taking responsibility and the crucial next step.


Renée finds the variety and complexity of the world and its people exciting. Her natural curiosity and genuine interest in her clients’ varied stories makes her an accepting partner, no matter their background. Acquiring and compiling information keeps her on top of the latest approaches and best practices in her field.


Renée radiates genuine empathy and caring. One of her key values is in the rewards of building intimate relationships.


To Renée, confrontation is not a source of fear, but the first step toward a resolution. In her work, she leads the way, modeling for her clients how to be clear with each other, challenging them to be honest, face the facts, and move toward a solution.


Renée enjoys stretching her brain to understand her clients’ perspectives and problems. This hum of mental activity plays throughout her day, whether she is reflecting on a recent session or working on a new way to support those who choose her for their therapist.


licenses and certifications

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist -         MN #2725

Certified Sex Therapist by AASECT

Prepare and Enrich Certified Facilitator

Choice Session Facilitation Leader Certification


Minnesota Asociation for Marriage & Family Therapists 2017 Spring Conference, "Understanding Women's Sexuality in Therapy"

Aging But Dangerous, "Life in Relationships", aired June, 15, 2013 on KLBB Radio

Minnesota Association for Marriage & Family Therapists 2014 State Conference, "First Time Parents Over 40; more and more are doing it"

St Mary's University of Minnesota Graduate School, "What is Sexual Addiction?"

Nystrom & Associates, "What Does a Sex Therapist Do?"

professional associations and activities

Co-chair for Minnesota Association for Marriage & Family Therapy (MAMFT) 2015 Fall Conference with Lyndsey Fraser

Selection Committee for MAMFT 2014 Fall Conference Presenters

American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT), joined 2011

Minnesota Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, joined 2011

American Association of Sexuality Educators Counselors and Therapists (AASECT), joined 2012, Certified Sex Therapist

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