Therapy for Individuals and Couples

Feel like you’re treading water?

Are you stuck in a loop, falling into the same aimless and unconscious patterns? Are you longing for connection and meaning? Do you and your loved one repeat the same arguments or repeatedly behave in hurtful ways toward each other? Do you find yourself saying things your partner that you regret, or not communicating for hours or days?


If you answered yes, I can provide the insight and skills to change these experiences so you feel the emotional safety and connection you deserve. This can be done through individual, couples, or group therapy.

No matter how embarrassed you are to talk about what you are facing, nor how ashamed you feel about past behavior, I can assure you: I will not be shocked by what you share, nor will I judge you. I recognize that none of us operates in a vacuum and that our circumstances and relationships impact our decision-making.

Though your experiences and challenges understandably feel overwhelming in the moment, I’m here to reassure you that they can become part of your past, if we do the necessary work together and address your fears together. My focus is on support, encouragement, and companionship so we can discover more about yourself, your relationships, and your relationship patterns.


Group therapy can be a powerful way to address struggles by connecting with others who are having similar experiences. Being in a group helps us feel less isolated. Feedback from members can help us gain greater insight and understanding of ourselves. The groups I facilitate focus on healthy physical and emotional relationship behaviors so we are able to function in the most connecting and healthy ways.

Men's and Women's therapy groups meet every other Wednesday at 7:30am and 11:30am, respectively. 



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