My name is Renee Divine, and I’m a relationship and certified sex therapist.

I work with individuals and couples to navigate a wide range of life transitions and challenging situations.

Do you feel like you’re treading water in your life?

Are you stuck in a loop, falling into the same aimless and unconscious patterns? Are you frustrated and saddened by your tendency to behave in counter-productive ways? Do you frequently make choices that don’t support your values or get in the way of achieving your goals?

Do you feel like you’re underwater in your relationship(s)?

Do you and your loved one repeat the same circular arguments or repeatedly behave in demeaning ways toward each other? Do you find yourself saying things you regret, not communicating for hours or days, or even running out the door to seek affirmation from someone else?

I can provide the insight and skills you’re seeking so that we can together address the frustrating and persistent issues you’re living with every day.

No matter how embarrassed you are to talk about what you are facing, nor how ashamed you feel about past behavior, I can assure you: I will not be shocked by what you share, nor will I judge you. I recognize that none of us operates in a vacuum and that our circumstances and relationships impact our decision-making.

I’m committed to offering a safe space where your issues are normalized and evaluated in an appropriate big picture context.

Though your experiences and challenges understandably feel overwhelming in the moment, I’m here to reassure you that they can become part of your past, if we do the necessary work together and address your fears together in a constructive setting.

Through this process, you’ll find connection, calm, empathy and awareness.

We will begin to envision real possibilities and the “What ifs” offered by your future. I will challenge you and encourage you to make the changes and take the action steps that will lead to achieving your goals. Together we can transform the way you view yourself, your life and the person you love.

Would you like to get started?


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renee helped us to see how we were limiting and poisoning ourselves. together she helped us to forge a new path that is focused on our strengths, challenges the status quo and encourages us both to show up in the most authentic way possible. -- client

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I work with individuals and couples in areas such as:

Renee Divine office

»  relationship challenges and conflicts
»  recovery from an emotional or physical affair
»  adjusting to parenthood
»  mismatched sexual desire
»  low sexual desire for men and women
»  problem sexual behavior (sex addiction/ compulsivity)
»  navigating poly/open relationships
»  life transitions
»  grief and loss
»  anxiety and stress management
»  depression
»  professional workplace issues

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