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I'm a Relational Resolutionary helping people make meaningful connections

Meet RenÉe

Hey there, I’m Renée.

I get it. Relationships are hard. As a marriage and family therapist,  certified sex therapist, and experienced business leader, I help people gain insight and build skills that result in better relationships and more meaningful connections at home and at work.

I get people. I get business.

C’mon, we can do this together!

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Renée Divine might sound like a make-believe name, but it's real and belongs to a real live person.  Me.  I became a therapist after a few decades of working in finance, human resources, and advisory services.  Why?  Because I've always been intrigued by how we function as humans, how we relate to one another, and how we can interact and function in the most connecting and healthy ways.

If our relationships are unhealthy, we feel miserable.  And, it doesn't need to be that way.  So, I spend my energy helping individuals, couples, and organizations gain the skills to be emotionally and relationally intelligent in their lives.  The goal: How to be relational.

I am grounded and pragmatic, yet irrepressibly optimistic.  I ask tough questions.  I'm authentic, caring, and am compassionately direct.  With me you will get reality with a strong dose of empathy.

Wellness Solutions · Meaningful Connections · Better Living

Being relational in Minnesota is haaard. Most of us have not been given permission or tools to embrace our emotions nor express them, but we can change that. I see folks working hard on it everyday with such great success resulting in more connection with themselves and the people that matter to them most.

Work With Me

Therapy for Individuals & Couples


  • Increase connection and understanding in relationships
  • Learning skills to managing conflict
  • Life transitions
  • Creating more meaning at home and work
  • Mismatched sexual desire
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Group therapy exploring healthy relationships and connections



  • C-level and management performance advising 
  • Advisement on the importance of being relational at work and how it impacts the bottom line
  • Guidance on the importance of mental wellness impacts on business
  • Tailored programs for your specific needs such as individual coaching, team training, and skill building

Private Practice
Coaching for


  • Starting a private practice
  • Moving from an insurance-based practice to private pay
  • Expanding and developing service offerings such as training and consulting
  • Identifying and developing the most effective marketing channels for your practice

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